post fringe

Another Fringe comes to a close. One thing that I found is that I am getting a lot better at embracing the duality of my weird personality type … I seem to be half introvert and half extrovert, per every meme about how people get and use their personal energy.

I used to think I was pure extrovert … all social butterfly all the time. Over time, though, I’ve gotten much more solitary, and I go back and forth over whether that’s a good thing or not. In some ways I don’t think it is, but I’ve also started noticing that when I’m done interacting I’m just fucking done, so maybe it’s an honest facet of my personality. I can see an upside to recognizing that and stepping away before I get snarly.

A week of fringing nearly every day was a huge eye opener though. After only a few days in a row of being out every day/night, I wondered, how, how in the WORLD, have I been spending such an extensive amount of time at home? Alone? It was strange and fascinating, and made me think more about how introverted I am and whether that’s genuine or some kind of depression construct I have created.


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